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Question raised on ban on pesticides in Parliament

Written By mediavigil on Monday, May 16, 2016 | 10:05 PM

On 10th May, 2016, the Parliament (Lok Sabha) was informed by Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmer's Welfare that the "Government registers pesticides after a detailed evaluation of efficacy of the product and safety to human, animal and environmental health. Technical reviews are carried out from time to time to assess the safety of pesticides." (In Picture: Radha Mohan Singh with Bisleri water bottle in background)
He added, "The Government constituted an expert committee under Dr. Anupam Verma, former Professor, Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), to carry out technical review of 66 pesticides that are banned, restricted, withdrawn in one or more countries but continued to be registered in India (Annexure-I). The Expert Committee has recently submitted a report, which inter alia, recommends 13 pesticides to be banned, 27 pesticides to be reviewed in 2018 after completion of certain technical studies and 6 pesticides to be phased out by 2020. The Committee further recommended continuation of ban on 1 pesticide and did not offer any assessment of a pesticide which is currently sub judice. The Verma Committee recommended continued use of 18 pesticides." 

Name of the Pesticide
1 Acephate
2 Alachlor
3 Aluminum Phosphide
4 Atrazine
5 Benfuracarb
6 Benomyl
7 Bifenthrin
8 Butachlor
9 Captan
10 Carbaryl
11 Carbendazim
12 Carbofuran
13 Chlorfenapyr
14 Carbosulfan
15 Chlorothalonil
16 Chlorpyriphos
17 Dazomet
18 DDT
19 Deltamethrin
20 Diazinon
21 Dichlorovos
22 Dicofol
23 Diflubenzuron
24 Dimethoate
25 Dinocap
26 Diuron
27 Endosulfan
28 Ethofenprox
29 Fenpropathrin
30 Fenarimol
31 Fenitrothion
32 Fenthion
33 Iprodione
34 2,4 - D
35 Kasugamycin
36 Linuron
37 Methomyl
38 Methoxy Ethyl Mercury Chloride
39 Methyl Parathion
40 Malathion
41 Mancozeb
42 Mepiquat Chloride
43 Metaldehyde
44 Monocrotophos
45 Oxyflurofen
46 Paraquat Dichloride
47 Pendimethalin
48 Phorate
49 Phosphomidon
50 Pretilachlor
51 Propargite
52 Propineb
53 Quinalphos
54 Sodium cyanide
55 Sulfosulfurone
56 Thiodecarb
57 Thiometon
58 Thiphanate Methyl
59 Thiram
60 Triazophos
61 Trichlorofon
62 Tridemorph
63 Trifluralin
64 Zinc Phosphide
65 Zineb
66 Ziram 

He also informed that the Anupam Verma Committee Report is under consideration in the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare. He was replying to a question by Gutha Sukender  Reddy, Member of Parliament. 
The complete text of the question and the answer is available at
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