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Import of ewaste is permitted in the name of recycling, recovery and reuse

Written By Krishna on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 | 5:05 AM

On March 12, 2013, Rasheed Masood, Member of Parliament asked Union Minister of Environment and Forests a question on the topic 'Disposal of e waste' (a) whether Government has formulated any policy for disposing off growing e-waste all across the country; (b) if so, the details thereof; and (c) the measures adopted to check e-waste in Delhi coming from outside?

The Jayanthi Natrajan, the Union Minister of Environment and Forests (MoEF) replied that the Ministry has notified the E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 for effective management of e-waste in the country. These Rules have come in to effect from 1st May 2012. The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has been enshrined in these rules to make it a mandatory activity for the manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipments. Under the EPR, the producers are responsible for collection of e-waste generated from the end of life of their products by setting up collection centers or take back systems either individually or collectively. As per these Rules, E-waste recycling can be undertaken only in facilities authorized and registered with State Pollution Control Boards/Pollution Control Committees. As per the Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008, import of e-waste for disposal is not permitted. The import is permitted only for recycling or recovery or reuse with the permission of the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA) disapproves of the permission being granted by the Ministry to import e-waste in various disguises.     
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