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China to ban asbestos in construction industry, asbestos industry like a criminal

Written By Krishna on Friday, December 07, 2012 | 2:42 AM

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China to ban asbestos in construction industry, asbestos industry like a criminal 

Use of asbestos roofs for poor is outrageous  

New Delhi, Dec 7, 2012: Delivering his talk on “Asbestos Facts and Myths: Moving forward with substitutes for Asbestos” by Dr Barry Castleman, author of ‘Medical and Legal Aspects of Asbestos’ from USA on December 7, 2012 revealed that Dr Ivan Ivanov of World Health Organisation has come to know that China is about to ban asbestos in the construction in China. China and India are the biggest consumers of asbestos in the world. Dr Castleman referred to asbestos industry as a criminal industry because it is knowingly exposing people to deadly fibers of asbestos.  

In October 2012, WHO has published his report on the availability of safer substitutes for asbestos building products.  
Dr Castleman said, Terrible tragedy is unfolding in India due to the frightening rate at which asbestos consumption is increasing due in part to fiscal support from the Government. The promotion of asbestos cement building products for the housing of the poor by the Union Rural Development Ministry is especially outrageous. He took note of Kerala State Human Rights Commission having banned the use of asbestos in schools. National Human Rights Commission has banned the use of asbestos roofs for inmates in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. This means that exposing citizens to exposure of asbestos fibers and asbestos roofs is a violation of their human rights.

He observed that growing awareness about hazards of asbestos has made the villagers of Muzaffarpur, Bihar and Sambalpur in Odisha to stop the construction of asbestos based plants. The plants have been closed now. He expressed shock that Ministry of Mines is planning to lift the ban on asbestos mining at time when more than 55 countries have banned it and WHO and ILO has called for the elimination of all forms of asbestos. 

He was speaking at International Meet on Climate, The Workplace and the Lungs" in Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi organised by Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health in partnership with Drexel University, School of Public Health, Collegium Ramazzini, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Society for Advancement of Occupational and Environmental Health, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India and Heart of England, NHS Foundation Trust. The conference will conclude tomorrow.   

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