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Only anaerobic digestion process preferable for energy from waste

Written By Krishna on Monday, July 30, 2012 | 10:56 PM

Note:Out of the three categories of combustion, gasification and anaerobic digestion based waste to energy projects, only anaerobic digestion process is preferable from the point of view of public health, environment and sane waste management practices. Combustion and gasification are co-incineration processes which highly polluting and they distort waste management beyond repair. These myopic processes are resource incineration projects that disrupts the material flow cycle with callousness towards unintended consequences. One USEPA study noted that energy generation from these processes are costlier than even nuclear power, another disastrous path for meeting energy needs.

The experience of Prithviraj Jindal's waste to energy plant in Okhla based on untested, unapproved and experimental Chinese boiler technology without industrial disaster plan has revealed the how incineration technologies are bulldozed down people's throat in their residential areas. It also illustrates how fake carbon trade projects are.

Gopal Krishna
ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA)

Study: 260 million tons of waste converted to energy by 2022

July 30, 2012

A new report from Pike Research predicts the conversion of at least 261 million tons of municipal solid waste to energy within 10 years, according to a Business Wire press release.

The study, "Waste-to-Energy Technology Markets," analyzes the global WTE market in three categories: combustion, gasification and anaerobic digestion. It forecasts worldwide revenue and capacity through 2022.

Currently, more than 800 WTE plants operate across the globe, according to Pike Research's website. Pike Research expects that number to grow rapidly as the world continues to increase its waste generation.

The report's Executive Summary is available for download on Pike Research's website.

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