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Stop violence against victims and protestors of Bhopal gas leak disaster

Written By Krishna on Monday, December 05, 2011 | 8:49 AM


Hon'ble Chief Minister
Government of Madhya Pradesh

Subject-Violence against victims and protestors of Bhopal gas leak disaster


This is to express our appreciation for your act of joining hands with the victims of Bhopal gas leak disaster by writing to Shri Ajay Maken, Union Sports Minister demanding that India should boycott the London Olympics if Dow Chemicals Company, the owner of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) continues to be its sponsor. Your categorical assertion, “They have not met their liabilities and hence, such a company should not be allowed to be associated with the most prestigious sporting event of the world” is a statement that sets a precedent for those companies which are involved in corporate crimes of all shades. You are quite right in stating that the company could spend that money on Bhopal survivors.

This letter is in pursuance of your support for the demands of the survivors of Bhopal gas leak disaster who were engaged in Rail Roko on December 3, 2011 to express their protest against Government of India's inability to come out with exact statistics of the dead and the diseased and the offensive affidavit of UCC, owned by Dow Chemicals Company that disregards the plight of the dead and diseased.

I have learnt that in violation of your prompt promise for "an independent investigation into the instance of violence at Aishbaug and Bairkhedi railway crossing" in Bhopal protesters are being charged with murderous assault, rioting, arson, destruction of government property and obstruction of train movements.

I have also learnt that there was no violence at all till the time the microphone and sound system was snatched from the protest organizers, thus depriving them of their primary means of communicating with other protesters at the the site.

It is understood from the media reports in the last two days that the violence was started by some irresponsible policemen.

In view of the above, I request you to:

a) Set up of a Truth Commission with participation of survivor's organizations and independent observers to investigate the incidents of violence during the Rail Roko;
b) Release of all detainees and suspension of all legal action on any survivor until the Commission comes out with its report.

c) To assess the correct figures of dead and injured in calculation of compensation figures in the matter of Bhopal Gas Leak disaster.

I submit that Shri Warren Anderson, the then CEO of UCC who was responsible for Bhopal disaster was released on payment of 25,000 after 6 hours although he was arrested for non-bailable crime by the Indian National Congress led Madhya Pradesh and Government of India on December 7, 1984. This act will remain a black spot on the reputation of the Madhya Pradesh Police and administration. It must do all it can to wash the stigma of saluting the culprit instead of providing legal remedy to the victims.

I am hopeful that in memory this extremely sad act of Madhya Pradesh government, you will do the needful to drive home the message that your government is indeed with the victims and those protesting against the injustice.

Thanking You in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely
Gopal Krishna
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New Delhi
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