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Delhi High Court to hear case against waste burning based power plant

Written By krishna on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 8:50 PM

Writ Peition (Civil) NO. 9901/2009 against Waste Burning based power plant to be heard in COURT NO. 1 before the DIVISION BENCH-1 of HON'BLE THE ACTING CHIEF JUSTICE Mr A K SIKRI and HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE RAJIV SAHAI ENDLAW.

Given the fact that the project proponent is using RDF technology it is relevant to note that all such experiments based on this technology to treat waste has failed in the country. Union Environment Minister has written to Delhi chief minister that there has been violation in basic condition stipulated in environment condition. It violates the recommendation of the environment Ministry.

In a White paper on Pollution, it has been underlined that Indian waste is suitable only for Biological Treatment Methods. It violates the recommendation of Supreme Courts committee on Waste to Energy that insisted on segregation of waste its source. Once waste is segregated, compostable waste can be composted and recycled waste can be recycled. In such a scenario, what is the need to burn the waste, ToxicsWatch Alliace (TWA) has long held in its submissions.

The power generated will be highly expensive. Experts suggest that it is 4-5times costlier than the conventional electricity. The EIA report does not reveal how the project developer will deal with toxic ash which will contain heavy metals like mercury.

Incineration of such waste is inadvisable. It promotes waste generation, what is required is waste prevention and reduction and zero waste system that guarantees returned on investments and healthy communities. There is threat to ground water from ash disposal. Incineration also creates huge amount of Air pollution. It also releases Carbon monoxide, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulates in the air. Waste incineration emits Green House Gases as well. This technology has high public health cost. It causes cancers, birth defects in villagers living in the vicinity of incineration.

Dr Farooq Abdullah headed Ministry of new renewable energy is damaging waste management through such misplaced projects providing subsidy to such polluting projects. This Ministry should desist from promoting such hazardous projects.
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