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Ban Endosulfan in the country: P.T. THOMAS

Written By krishna on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | 1:10 AM

On 9th November, P. T. Thomas raised he issue of "Need to ban the production and use of Endosulfan, a pesticide affecting human health in the country". He made the following statement in the Lok Sabha.

SHRI P.T. THOMAS (IDUKKI): It has been reported that Endosulfan, the most toxic pesticide is responsible for many fatal pesticide poisoning incidents around the world. It has been banned in sixty-three countries. However, our country is the world’s largest user of this pesticide. Several studies have revealed that Endosulfan can affect human body as well as the development of the other activities. In the Kasargod district in Kerala, the continuous use of Endosulfan in cashew plantations caused the death of many people and hundred are suffering from severe diseases and abnormalities.

It is being used in India by other plantation growers also. Endosulfan contaminates air, water, plants and speedily
spreads to other places. I request the Government to take immediate measures to ban the production and use of Endosulfan in the country. I also request the Government to extend help to those people who are the victims of Endosulfan, especially in Kerala in the Kasargod district. Thank you.
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2:06 AM

Over 12.5 million liters of Endosulfan is still used all over the country despite the controversy around the same. If it’s so harmful, why is it that the chemical has only been suspended for us in Kerala?

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