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Chandrapur Municipal Corporation plans incinerator technology based waste management project

Written By Krishna on Monday, April 23, 2012 | 12:07 AM

Note: Gasification of refuse derived fuel (RDF) heats materials at very high temperatures to create hydrogen and carbon monoxide, also known as synthetic gas that can be used to power a gas turbine or steam power generator. It is wrongly claimed that the waste-to-energy process reduces volume of waste and provides an alternative to fossil fuel. The gasification process produces harmful air pollutants like POPs, heavy metals, particulate matter (opacity), acid gases (hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide) and fugitive gas emissions which are harmful to human health and environment.

The proposed technology for waste management at Chandrapur emits varying levels of heavy metals such as vanadium, manganese, chromium, nickel, arsenic, mercury, lead, and cadmium, which can be toxic at very minute levels. Gasification is a co-incineration process. Instead of solving the waste problem, it complicates it because highly toxic fly ash generated in the process must be safely disposed of. This will require hazardous waste landfill elsewhere.Prevention, waste minimisation, reuse and recycling of waste should all be preferred to incineration according to the waste hierarchy. The real need is to adopt zero waste approach that encourages recycling and segregation at source and saves waste resources instead of sacrificing it for negligible amount of energy production. Chandrapur Municipal Corporation (CMC) should desist from adopting such polluting technologies that distorts waste management beyond repair.

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Chandrapur Municipal Corporation plans solid waste management project

CHANDRAPUR: The Chandrapur Municipal Corporation (CMC) has proposed a solid waste management project for disposal of its 100 tongarbage daily. Chandrapur being second most polluted place in country, CMC has been shouldered with the task disposal of its solid waste in eco-friendly manner under action plan meant for curbing of pollution.Evaluation of the project is in final stages. CMC is dealing with a German-based company to rope in its services to construct garbage disposal plant on bypass road. "It will be a solid waste based power project. The plant will utilize refuse derived fuel (RDF) through waste gasification technology to generate power.

CMC will ensure supply of 100 ton of garbage per day to the waste management project," said chief officer Ravindra Deotale.CMC has well-equipped garbage collection mechanism. While door-to-door garbage collection system is in place in town, it has recently added number of garbage collection vehicles to its fleet. At present over 80 tons of garbage are collected from the town every day. Once solid waste management project is in place, CMC will ensure 100 tons of garbage supply to the plant.

"The project will come up at garbage dumping site on bypass road. It will facilitate the treatment of solid waste in eco-friendly way. The existing garbage on the site will also be disposed off in the same project," he said. He held that it would be first of its kind project in Vidarbha where solid waste will be utilized for power generation.Implementation of solid waste management project is part of pollution control action plan in Chandrapur.

While MPCB is looking over the overall execution of the plan, CMC has been shouldered with the responsibility of the project. With Rs 250 crore approved for CMC development under Chandrapur penta-centenary celebrations, the project may not face much hurdle.

Apr 22, 2012
The Times of India

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